Schlehofer Painting, Inc.​

...Thank you so much for a wonderful job.  We really appreciated the  care and professionalism demonstrated by your crew.   Nancy and Charlie

...Thank you...great job, fantastic crew.   D.E.

...We were pleased with the professional painting.   K.L.

...Thank you for a superb job.  We enjoyed having you on the job once again after the fine work that you did for us when we were in Thompson.  We'd love to work with you again.  Please give our thanks to your crew as well.  Phil and Lisa 

...Just want to thank you for a fantastic job on the kitchen.  We appreciated your total professionalism and high quality work.    David and Ann

...We are thrilled with your work and look forward to seeing you again.  Pat

...Class job!.  T.G.

...We at the Moosup United Methodist Church would like to thank you and your crew for the work you have done in the painting, scraping and cleaning of the sanctuary.  The congregation and pastor are extremely satisfied with the overall look of the sanctuary.  It has taken us a while find just the right person to paint the sanctuary.  It has made it a better and safe place in which to worship and praise the One who makes all things possible.  J.C.

...Thank you for the wonderful work you did on our house.  We really appreciate it.  N.M.

...Thank you for the wonderful job you did.  The house looks beautiful and we've gotten lots of  compliments.   Margie

...We love the paint job that you and your crew did on our house in Windham.  Our neighbors have stopped us many times to compliment the color, the job, and the speed at which it was completed.   C.E.

...I am so pleased to be writing this note to you and your professional painters who performed all the contracted services with knowledge and pleasant competence.  The foreman always pre-checked and post examined each day's work.  .We express our gratitude to a fine crew.  A.C.